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Transform your health with intuitive, natural solutions.

My Story

While some people die once, on October 22, 2017, during a Sunday morning bike ride in Kona, Hawaii, my heart quit, I died & came back to life with strong intuitive abilities. I am now able to connect with people’s innate intelligence, and to assess their imbalances.  

Finally, I have become the health intuitive & healer I was always meant to be. My purpose is to help heal the world, one person at a time. I am here to serve you today.

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Noran Siegel

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Developing Health and Intuition for 25 years


Studied with Dr. Hector Garcia and Garcia Innergetics: Self Healing and Remote Healing.

Studied with Global Naturopathic Physician/Shaman Dr. Valerie Simonsen: The You Know More Institute – Empowering People to Heal Themselves.

Hawaiian Island School Of Massage: 1000 hour program specializing in injury care.

25 years as a Massage Therapist specializing in injury care.


2 cross-country bicycle rides – encounters with a grizzly bear and a herd of buffalo.

6 week bicycle ride around New Zealand – bungy jumped over a 1400 foot canyon.

2 bicycle rides through Thailand – all about the food.

900 mile canoe trip from Juneau, Alaska to Vancouver, British Columbia – ask me about the one-wave-away-from-death experience.


10 AIDS bicycle rides and tens of thousands of dollars raised in support of local AIDS Service Organizations.

Cross-country bicycle ride and $10,000 raised in support of the American Lung Association.

Previously: Director of West Hawaii AIDS Foundation and Civil Unions, Civil Rights Movement.


Certified Gold

Certificate of Karma Assurance

From The Society of Karmically-Correct Persons (came with no guarantees)

Certified Gold

Certificate of A Right to Play

From The Society of Child-like Persons

Certified Gold

Certificate of Knowology

From the You Know More Institute (fake but one-of-a-kind and very fun)

People Who Think I'm Cool

Valerie Simonsen

"His ability to quickly reverse an illness, even from afar, is stunning. Noran is amazing and a stellar gift to the world. Anyone getting the opportunity to work with Noran is one lucky person!" 


Valerie Simonsen, N.D.

Global Naturopathic Physician

"A gifted medical intuitive, Noran tunes into your being. He has been gifted (through a potentially tragic accident) with special abilities to heal both in person and remotely. Noran Knows – truly."

Karen Cochrane, Ph.D.

Pathways to Optimal Living


"Impressed with knowledge of human body...excellent results...a new lease on life...a compassionate corrective approach...undeniable life has improved...made huge strides in my personal life."



Tom P

"Noran did one session of remote healing and I immediately felt relief. My condition improved dramatically over a period of one week. Noran's remote healing abilities are real and I highly recommend him!"


Tom P.

Lynn Wind

"[Noran] has developed his intuitive gift, attuning to the quantum energy field...into the innate energy of an individual...many times helping me with unknown causes of aches and pains…right on the mark. My health has definitely improved."


Lynn Wind

Massage Therapist

Alan S

"Thanks for assessment & assistance during a recent hospital stay, having gone there by ambulance with unbearable pain. You knew my situation was resolved before I knew it myself."


Alan S.

Angus Meek Flowers

"Noran's cool, very cool."


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