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Client Testimonials
"Decades ago Noran was a client of mine. He actually elevated off the table while I was giving him a treatment. He laughed off the experience and seemed to deny it had happened, but I have always known Noran had special gifts and would turn to him often for personal support. He has always been helpful even when he didn't know he was that powerful. It took his near death experience and heart surgery to FINALLY embrace his gifts of healing. His ability to quickly reverse an illness, even from afar, is stunning. Noran Knows but he didn't always. But I did know and still do. Noran is amazing and a stellar gift to the world. Anyone getting the opportunity to work with Noran is one lucky person!"
Valerie Simonsen
Valerie Simonsen
Global Naturopathic Physician
"[I have] high functioning Autism. I am impressed with Noran’s knowledge of the human body...interactions with the environment, foods, medications, supplements and stress...I had excellent results with a new lease on life...Noran has a compassionate corrective approach and an undeniable life has improved including huge strides in my personal life...owning my inadvertent contributions to my own disease."
"Chronic lower back pain, due to degenerative disks and a pinched nerve from injuries and over use, has limited physical activities in my daily life for years. Noran did one session of remote healing and I immediately felt relief. My condition improved dramatically over a period of one week. Noran's remote healing abilities are real and I highly recommend him!"
Tom P
Tom P.
"Noran, a graduate of my school “The Hawaiian Islands School of Massage”...honed great skill for massage therapy…Has developed his intuitive gift, attuning to the quantum energy field and through this oneness, tunes into the innate energy of an individual...many times helping me with unknown causes of aches and pains…Advice and remedy recommendations that resonate for each individuals system...right on the mark. My health has definitely improved. Noran...dedicated to being of service and helping ease another’s pain and suffering."
Lynn Wind
Lynn Wind
"Thanks for assessment & assistance during recent hospital stay, having gone there by ambulance with unbearable pain. My kidney transplant doctors did cat scans, x-rays, bloodwork, etc., thought it was pancreatitis caused by gallstones. Although not confirmed, they were convinced. I don't know how you do what you do, but you "poo poo'ed" the diagnosis by the doctors, said you would "work on me" and later told me that my problem was resolved and to leave the hospital. I no longer had any pain. Doctors duplicated their tests but could not find any evidence of their diagnosis. You knew my situation was resolved before I knew it myself."
Alan S
Alan S.
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